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AoE Ringmasters are an easy class, but yet effective at farming.

I'll be going through the build, skills, the Equips and how to level in this article.


STR : 15


DEX : 15

INT : 15

In my opinion full sta is the best build for an AoE Ringmaster as this will provide you with the most defense and HP. adding INT doesn't add much damage so i won't consider adding any.


You should MAX the following skills :

Assist Stonehand


Assist Burst Crack Burstcrack

Assist Prevention Prevention

Ringmaster Protect Protect

Ringmaster Spiriture Fortune Spirit Fortune

Ringmaster Holyguard HolyGuard

Ringmaster Geburah Tiphreth Geburah Tiphreth

Ringmaster Merkaba Hanzelrusha Merkaba Hanzelrusha

Distribute the other skill points to your preference.


Until Level 75, you could use the NPC equips then I reccomend using the following green sets :

Pact/Paxt (Lvl 75) :

1/4: No effect

2/4: Def+20

3/4: Def+47, MP+15%

4/4: Def+47, MP+15%, INT+10

Shupon/Shrian(Lvl 90) :

1/4: No effect

2/4: Def+20

3/4: Def+47, INT+7

4/4: Def+47, INT+7, MP Comsumption-20%

Rimyth/Remingster(Lvl 105) :

1/4: No effect

2/4: Def+10%

3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Atk Block +10%, Short Range Atk Block+10%

4/4: Def+15%, Ranged Atk Block+15%, Short Atk Block+15%, Add HP+15%

This is the best set you can get as an AoE Ringmaster Upgrade it as much as you can.

As for the weapons,

Try getting either a Angel stick or a Legendary Golden stick. I reccomend the Angel because it gives you 10% extra HP. you can also go with the LGS it will give you more damage. For the people wanting more HP, use a Guardian Stick. It will give 15% HP, but will reduce your damage by a bit. The Guardian Stick is highly reccomended.

For the jewelry, I recommend Stam ring-Plug-Gore-Plug-Stam ring.


From 1-28, you'll have to fight 1v1.

From Level 28-80:

At level 28, you'll get Burst Crack your first AoE skill.

Gather the Mobs use Stonehand, use Burst crack repeat. If possible, have a tanker to help you in the first floor of the Forsaken Tower.

At Level 30 you'll get prevention this skill will restore your hp by 100% whenever your hp gets down to 10%.

So now gather the mobs cast Prevention, cast Stonehand Burst Crack and repeat.

At Level 80, you will gain your AoE skill as a ringmaster, Merkaba.

From now on you will gather the mobs cast Prevention, Cast Merkaba repeat. Be sure to use Spirit Fortune to increase your damage!