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This article will explain about the DemonFlyFF Donation system, its uses and the prizes in order.

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How to donate & benefits

To donate, simply visit The Donation Page

Fill in your information that is required and simply donate as you please!

Points will be added to the purchasing ACCOUNT and not the IP, so please do be careful and DO NOT share your account information!

Price for certain amounts of Demon Donation Points

Price and Amount Earned
Price in USD Amount of Demon Donation Points Earned
$10USD 60 Demon Donation Points
$15USD 90 Demon Donation Points
$25USD 150 Demon Donation Points
$35USD 210 Demon Donation Points
$55USD 385 Demon Donation Points
$85USD 605 Demon Donation Points
$100USD 790 Demon Donation Points

Thanks to Cakez for assisting in this part of the Project!

Benefits of Donating

Donating awards DP, the abbreviation of Donation Points which in all purposes refers to the Demon Donation Points.

By earning these points, you clearly had to donate and by doing so, you helped our server grow and get more people and live longer!!

You may spend the donation points to purchase numerous prizes such as weapons, armors, Cash Shop Rewards, etc.

Note that once an item is purchased, it is non-refundable. It is advised to re-login after a transaction comported in-game.

Donation Rewards Table

Demon Donation Points Rewards
Required Points Rewards
1 Transy (A)
2 Transy (B)
7 Fashion M/F Boots/Hands/Head EACH
8 Scroll of Party Skill (15 Days)
12 Fashion [M]/[F] Suit EACH
12 Scroll of Reduction (B)
15 Upcut Stone x10
16 Scroll of Pet Name Change
20 Glasses & Transy (Changes Gender)
21 Scroll of Reduction (A)
22 Grilled Eel x10 & Upcut Stone x10
25 Scroll of Amplification ES (S) x 12 [Non-Tradable In-Game!!]
26 Cash Shop Pick-Up Pet of Your Choice [No Bead Use]
28 Scroll of Velocity x15
30 FULL Fashion Set [M]/[F]
32 Scroll of Acquisition (High) x10
40 Scroll of Element Change
45 dFlyFF Moonstone Box 01 (Contains 60 Moonstones)
45 dFlyFF Sunstone Box 01 (Contains 90 Sunstones)
50 dFlyFF Oricalkum Box 01 (Contains 20 Shining Oricalkums)
60 Any Colored Clock Bike
62 Pick-Up Pet Upgrade Box (Turns a regular CS pet into a Buffer CS Pet)
72 Any Colored Meteo Bike.
75 dFlyFF SProtect Box 01 (Contains 60 SPros and 15 Sunstones)
75 dFlyFF GProtect Box 01 (Contains 60 GProtects and 15 Moonstones)
75 dFlyFF XProtect Box 01 (Contains 30 XProtects and 10 Shining Oricalkums)
75 dFlyFF AProtect Box 01 (Contains 60 AProtects and 15 Moonstones)
75 dFlyFF Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets) Box (Contains 20 Pet Reversions)
75 Brave Raccoon [Buffer & CS Pet]
75 Little Lycan [Buffer & CS Pet]
75 Scroll of Guild Name Change
76 dFlyFF Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) Box (Contains 20 Pet Blessings)
86 Sylia Hoverbike
86 Hera Hoverbike
86 Black Hera Hoverbike
140 dFlyFF Reversion Box 01 (Contains 40 Scrolls of Reversion)
155 dFlyFF Sunstone Box 02 (Contains 320 Sunstones)
155 dFlyFF Moonstone Box 02 (Contains 200 Moonstones)
165 dFlyFF Oricalkum Box 02 (Contains 65 Shining Oricalkums)
210 dFlyFF SProtect Box 02 (Contains 200 SProtects and 50 sunstones)
210 dFlyFF AProtect Box 02 (Contains 200 AProtects and 50 Moonstones)
210 dFlyFF GProtect Box 02 (Contains 200 GProtects and 50 Moonstones)
210 dFlyFF XProtect Box 02 (Contains 60 XProtects and 30 Shining Oricalkums)
300 UFO Bike
320 dFlyFF Reversion Box 02 (Contains 100 Scrolls of Reversion)
732 dFlyFF Reversion Box 03 (Contains 260 Scrolls of Reversion)
875 dFlyFF Reversion Box 04 (Contains 396 Scrolls of Reversion)

Special Thanks to Winged for assisting this project!