Complete or IncompleteEdit

Want to add complete/incomplete icons to your article?

Do you judge it incomplete/complete?

Then do the following for Incomplete:

[ [ File:Disambig_icon.png|frame|This Article is Incomplete! Please edit it and finish it! ] ]

Then do the following for Complete:

[ [ File:Disambig_icon.png|frame|This Article is Complete! Please do not edit it!] ]

Add cleanup icon to articlesEdit

Icon cleanup

Oh mah gawd! This Article is messy! Someone should...CLEAN IT UP!

What is Cleanup?Edit

Cleanup, like the icon above, is a picture inserted when an article has too much information, is disorganized, or simply isn't perfected and needs to be better edited.

Insert this icon by doing the following to any Article that you judge needs cleanup:

{ { cleanup } }

Remember, no spaces!


Ever wanted your article, no matter the search, to be redirected? Then keep reading!

The use of RedirectingEdit

Redirecting is a simple yet efficient way to quickly get common searches of the same meaning to YOUR article!

For example, you just made an article about a Ringmaster and want when people search "rm" or "ringmaster" to end up at YOUR page!

How to do it!Edit

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

1. Create a new article.

2. REMOVE EVERYTHING. Including the Add/Remove picture option and the headings.

3. Type the following WITHOUT SPACES:

(insert the Number sign here) redirect [ [ write your article name here ] ]

4. Save it.

5. That's it! When people search the name of the article you've just made to redirect, they'll end up on the one you want it to redirect TO.

~ Enjoy!