An example quest - The Acrobat job quest.

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A Quest is an optional mission given to you by a NPC. Quests can earn a player a variety of rewards, which commonly include Penya, EXP and Items. They can involve killing a certain number of a type of monster, collecting items and speaking to non-player characters. Quests can only be obtained from non-player characters which have a yellow exclamation mark hovering above them. Non-'s from whom you have accepted a quest will have a grey question mark; this will turn yellow once you have completed the quest and can claim your reward.

Quests generally take the form of:

  1. Accept quest from quest giver.
  2. Obtain item(s) and/or defeat monster(s).
  3. Turn in quest, possibly obtain reward(s) and/or another quest.

Types of QuestsEdit

There are several types of quests:

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  • Job Quests
    • These are chain quests which must be completed for your character to gain any more experience and switch classes.

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