Ever wanted your article, no matter the search, to be redirected? Then keep reading!

The use of Redirecting

Redirecting is a simple yet efficient way to quickly get common searches of the same meaning to YOUR article!

For example, you just made an article about a Ringmaster and want when people search "rm" or "ringmaster" to end up at YOUR page!

How to do it!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

1. Create a new article.

2. REMOVE EVERYTHING. Including the Add/Remove picture option and the headings.

3. Type the following WITHOUT SPACES:

(insert the Number sign here) redirect [ [ write your article name here ] ]

4. Save it.

5. That's it! When people search the name of the article you've just made to redirect, they'll end up on the one you want it to redirect TO.

~ Enjoy!