Rules are Meant to be followed. Sadly, things need to be maintained for a perfected balance.

Here are the Can-Dos and Can't-Dos of the DemonFlyFF Wiki!


You may not do the following:

  • Flame in talk pages. TEMPORARY IP BAN!
  • Flame in articles for any reason. TEMPORARY IP BAN.
  • Edit and add random content that serves no purpose. 2 MONTH IP BAN.
  • Edit and remove content from an article. THIS WILL GET YOUR IP BANNED FOR EVER.
  • Post pornographic or inappropriate content of any kind. PERMA-IP BAN.
  • Remove articles for any reason without authorization. PERMA-IP BAN.
  • Include your name in articles' titles. NO PUNISHMENT, THE ARTICLE'S NAME WILL BE CHANGED.


Here is what you may do:

  • Edit and improve articles.
  • Correct and grammatically perfect articles.
  • Create articles.
  • Clean-Up articles.
  • Talk with friends on their talk pages.
  • Talk with Kaiiku.
  • Redirect pages to certain articles.
  • Submitting art work for future wiki icons and logos.
  • Adding images and pictures to articles.