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The Billposter and it's Builds

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Well, most of the people think that Billposters are skill abusers (they've got the most powerfull skill in the game), but Billposters can do high damage without them, too.

I am going to post some builds for 1v1 BPs and AoE BPs here, too.

Full STR Billposter

If you're planning to get 5/5 piercings at least, you should use this PvP build:


STA: 15

DEX:15 (That's right, with 2 5/5 Ele B piercings you get 40 additional DEX)


HP n' Speedbreak Billposter

This is the most popular one. [Pre-v12]

STR: XXX (all the other points)

STA: 15~30 (depends on your equipment)

DEX: 43 (reaches the first break point)

INT: 15 (only adds Stone Hand and Asmodeus time)


This is the high DEX build for more Crits and less Damage.

This build is good if you have great equipment.

STR: XX (all the other points)

STA: 15 (there's a higher chance to block so you will need less STA)

DEX: 90 (reaches the second break point)

INT: 15 (only adds Stone Hand and asmodeus time)

AoE Billposter Builds

There isn't much to say about AoE, you should just keep an eye on your HP =)

There are three kinds of AoE Billposters:

Strength AoE Billposter

This one is totally useless


STA: 100 (or more if you prefer to have more HP)

DEX: 15

INT: 15

Intelligence Billposter

Better than Strength AoE.

STR: 15

STA: 100 (100 sta works the best, although if you prefer more HP you can add more)

DEX: 15


Stamina/Intelligence AoE Tank Billposter

For those who can't afford equips. More defense, but less attack power from Bgvur. Will take longer to kill mobs.

STR 15


DEX: 15

INT: 120

Tank AoE Billposter

With this one, you can take a whole spawn without many problems, but your Damage will be very low,

I suggest using the INT AoE since it's faster than both the other AoEs.

STR: 15


DEX: 15

INT: 15

Billposter's Equipment and Skills

Now to the Equipment and Skills

As a 1v1 Billposter, you will need a decent CritRate (at least 30%) and a good Adoch, too (at least 90%)

The 1v1 Billposters will use one Main Set and one Main Weapon.

I suggest Rody for Male Billposters and Rodey for Female Billposters and LGG (Legendary Golden Gloves)

Both of those Sets give 15% CritRate, 40% Adoch and 12% HitRate, and the LGG adds 10% AtkSpeed and 38% Adoch.

As an AoE Billposter, you will need decent HP (at least 30000 as a Hero) and a decent AoE damage (at least 4000 on Mobs)

The AoE Billposters use three Sets and three Main Weapons.

The first Set is Ales/Alext which adds 15% HP and the first weapon is the Guardian Knuckle which adds 15% HP and AtkSpeed.

The second Set is Billporon/Billist which adds 15% HP, 15% DEF and 15% Blocking Rate, and the second Weapon is the Angel Glove which adds 15% HP and 20% HitRate.

The third Set is Grim Set (you can get this set with Red Chips), which adds 15% Hp, 25% DEF, STR+10 and DEX+10. The third Weapon is the Bloody Knuckle wich adds 20% HP, +100 DEF and +250 damage.

I suggest AoE Billposters to use STA or INT awakened shields, and 1v1 Billposters to use Critical shields.

AoE Billposter's Skills

Bgvur Tialbold: The INT AoE Skill.

Burst Crack/Piercing Serpent: The STR AoE Skill.

Prevention: Is a Skill which recovers all your HP if it goes under 10% (must be using Stick).

Asmodeus: Adds +120 damage when Maxed.

Stone Hand': Gives you a high chance to stun a target when maxed. Special Knuckly Mastery: Adds 150 Damage when maxed (Need to be Master!)

1v1 Billposter's Skills Asmodeus: Adds +120 damage when Maxed.

Stone Hand': Gives you a high chance to stun a target when maxed.

Special Knuckle Mastery: Adds 150 Damage when maxed (Need to be Master!)

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