A High-Level Bow Jester

The Bow Jester is one of the best 1 on 1 classes you can get in Flyff if you stat him correctly. Bow Jesters make use of the crit rate granted by the DEX of the acrobats. For every 10 DEX, Jesters get +4% CritRate, which makes it easy for Bow Jesters to achieve a high CritRate unlike Rangers. They do nice damage, and have a very high CritRate (up to 96%).

Bow Jesters nowadays are not as popular as it used to be before due to the improvement of Ranger's equipment and skills in Demon Flyff. Rangers get Fast Shot, a skill modified by Demon Flyff to give an additional 20% CritRate, and Nature, another modified skill which gives 5% attack and 10% HP. Also, Rangers are the only ones capable of wielding ultimate bows which gives it much more power than Bow Jesters. Another thing is that Ranger's 90 and 120 sets provide much better modifed bonuses in the form of Adoch and CritRate. However, Bow Jesters at earlier levels pack quite much power with proper gear and should not be underestimated.

He is also good against bosses and hunting giants, as he has some life and makes use of the ever useful knockback of critical hits. Statting him is easy as he mostly concentrates on Dexterity, and maybe a little bit of Stamina to survive unblocked hits.

Statting a Bow JesterEdit

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There aren't many Builds around, but I'll add all I know (with thanks to Ragned for a Hint!)

The Full DEX Bow Jester

STR. 15

STA: 15


INT: 15

The Surviving BJ

STR: 15

STA: 30 - 40


INT: 15


Pre - 90:

Flaming Bow (+20% Adoch); Cruiser/Hyper Set (+40% Adoch, +10 Bow Attack Power).

It gets you nice Adoch, if you lack of Crit, use Guardian Bow.

Past - 105:

Legendary Golden Bow or Bloody Bow (+40% Adoch) and Restra/Rasra Set (+40% Adoch).

Always use Areks and Demols.

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